The More Canada Report - Research Documents: Vol.2

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This volume draws together research documents and studies focusing on CBC Radio and CBC Digital and their role in creating awareness of Canadian-authored books. The documents provide context on the relative importance of different sources of awareness of books.

Also included is research material relating to the presence of Canadian materials in Canadian universities and colleges. The focus is on libraries.

There is also supplementary material on public library collection policies.

This volume presents extracts or the full texts of 21 research documents and reports.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: CBC Radio/Digital

1. Overview of Materials

2. Amazon, metadata profile for: The Tower of Babble: Sins, Secrets

and Success Inside the CBC Stursburg, Richard; Douglas and

McIntyre, 2012.

3., metadata profile for: Fearless As Possible

(Under the Circumstances): A Memoir Donlon, Denise; House of

Anansi, 2016.

4. CBC/Radio Canada; selected tables from: 2015-2018 Inclusion

and Diversity Plan. CBC/Radio-Canada, 2015.

5. CBC/Radio Canada; extracts from: The Economic Impact of

CBC/Radio-Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada, 2011.

6. CBC/Radio Canada; extracts from: The Canadian Broadcasting

Act, 1991, Government of Canada, last amended 2014.

7. CBC/Radio Canada, Celebrating Canadian Culture: Annual Report

2016-17, CBC/Radio-Canada, 2017.

8. The Research Design House, select tables from: Holiday Season

Survey: Book Buyer Survey, for Atlantic Publishers Marketing

Association, 2018.

9. BookNet Canada Staff, Canadians Reading Winners: Are book

buyers influenced by literary awards? BookNet Canada, 2014.

10. CBC/Radio Canada; spreadsheet of: The CBC Massey Lectures

Featured Books, 2006-2017, complied from, 2018.

22. Nordicity, extracts from: Analysis of Government Support for

Public Broadcasting and Other Culture in Canada, CBC/Radio-

Canada, 2013.


Chapter 2: Canadian content in university libraries, journals, courses, and bookstores

11. Overview of Materials

12. CARL, Expenditures, Establishments and Collections, Emerging

Trends, Use, Facilities and Services 2015-2016. Canadian

Association of Research Libraries, 2017.

13. Roberts, Ken; Stephenson, Carol; and Guignard, Thomas, eBook

Collection Practices: A Report to the Canadian Publishing

Community on Trends, and Issues in Canada’s Public, University,

and College Libraries. eBOUND Canada, 2015.

14. eBOUND Canada, brochure for: ACUP/APUC 2017 Digital

Collection, 2017. eBOUND, Canadian Research Knowledge Network,

Association of Canadian University Presses/Association des Presses

Universitaires Canadiennes. 2017.

15. OCUL, New Partnership Benefits Smaller Libraries and Canadian

Scholarly Presses. Ontario Council of University Libraries, eBOUND,

ACUP/APUC, and Scholars Portal, 2014.

16. Whitehead, Martha; and Owen, Brian; extracts from: Canadian

Universities and Sustainable Publishing: A White Paper. Canadian

Association of Research Libraries, 2016.

17. CARL, Summary Report: @Risk North (Collections en péril).

Canadian Association of Research Libraries, Library and Archives

Canada, Center for Research Libraries, and University of Toronto,


18. Lavoie, Brian; Malpas, Constance; and Shipengrover, JD;

extracts from: Print Management at “Mega-scale”: A Regional

Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America. OCLC

Research, 2012.

19. Amazon, metadata profile for: Much Ado About Culture: North

American Trade Disputes. Acheson, Lloyd Keith Archibald; and

Maule, Christopher John; University of Michigan Press, 1999,

revised 2001.


Chapter 3: Library Reviewing Media and Library Collections

20. Overview of Materials

21. Guggemos, Eve, How do libraries decide which books to

purchase, and which books to remove from circulation? Quorra,