The More Canada Report - Research Documents: Vol.1

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This volume draws together research documents and studies dealing with book reading and book buying in English Canada, the role of independent bookstores and bookstores generally in awareness and access to books and Canadian books, and the role of public and school libraries in awareness and access to Canadian-authored books. The 34 chapters are extracts from major studies or the full texts of important reports from 1983 to 2016.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Canadian Reading Statistics and Discussion

1. Overview of Materials

2. Lorimer, James; and Shaw, Susan M.; selected tables from: Book

Reading in Canada: the Audience, the Marketplace and the

Distribution System for Trade Books in Canada. Association of

Canadian Publishers, 1983.

3. Barnes, Roger; and Lorimer, Rowland; extracts from: Buying

Children’s Books in Canada: In-Store Survey. The Canadian

Publishers Council, 1993.

4. Turner-Riggs, The Book Retail Sector in Canada. The Department

of Canadian Heritage, 2007.

5. Ekos Research Associates, Public Opinion on the Value of Books in

the English Language Book Sector: Report on Marketing, Library

Usage, Illegal Downloading and Publishing, the Association of

Canadian Publishers, 2015.

6. BookNet Canada Staff, Canadians Reading Canadians, BookNet

Canada, 2017.

7. BookNet Canada Staff, How Canadians are Spending their Free

Time, BookNet Canada, 2017.

8. BookNet Canada Staff, The Reading Habits of Canadians,

BookNet Canada, 2017.

9. Createc+, extracts from: Reading and Buying Books for Pleasure:

2005 National Survey, the Department of Canadian Heritage, 2005.


Chapter 2: Canadian Authors and the Canadian Publishing Industry

10. Overview of Materials

11. Nordicity, An Economic Impact Study of the Ontario Publishing

Industry. Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), 2013.

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Canada, 2016.

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Book Publishing. BookNet Canada, 2017.

17. OBPO, Book Publishing in Ontario: Maximizing the economic

contribution of the Ontario publishing industry while continuing to

create cultural works of value to Ontarians. Ontario Book Publishers



Chapter 3: Canadian Independent Bookstores

18. Overview of Materials 347

19. Government of Quebec, Buying Books from Accredited

Bookstores Shows Responsibility. Government of Quebec, 2007.

20. Government of Quebec, Société de développement des

entreprises culturel (SODEC), Programme d’aide aux entreprises du

livre et de l’édition 2017-2018. Government of Quebec, 2017.

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30. The Research Design House, Extracts from: Atlantic Books Today

Book Buyer Survey May 2017, APMA, 2017.


Chapter 4: Canadian School and Public Libraries

31. Overview of Materials

32. Pollara, extracts from: Canadian Books Count: A Study of the

Ontario School Library and Public Library Acquisition Process,

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO) and The Ontario

Media Development Corporation (OMDC), 2006.

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Users Interested in Reading Canadian Content? BookNet Canada,


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